Media room

Projector is used as a teaching tool for learning as kids relate better to visual medium and also have fun while learning.

Concept class rooms

Our outdoor concept classrooms are used in teaching kids to identify various plants, animals, fruits, vegetables, birds etc in a fun environment.

Train track

Our one of a kind built in train track is a delight for the children to enjoy themselves during play time.

Ball pit

This not only helps kids play and be themselves but also serves as a learning platform which develops gross motor skills and also helps kids in identifying colors and shapes better.

Splash pool

Children enjoying having a dip in our splash pool during summer time and various water activities are organized.

Field trips

Experiences help children broaden their knowledge these field trips to parks, farms, grocery stores etc teach children new information and concepts in a way that it will remain in their memory.


Gardening is a sensory and learning process which helps children by providing an environment to observe, nurture, discover and learn.

Safety and first aid

The most important thing is the safety, Heath and security of the child so we make sure we take every measure to prepare ourselves.

  • We have a first aid kit and basic safety requirements in the school premises and all the teachers are trained to perform basic first aid procedures.
  • Strict hand washing and other sanitary policies.
  • Secure areas, rounded corners and soft surfaces.

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